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Home Sharing
How It Works
How Does the Program Work?...Contact Us

To arrange for an interview in one of HIP Housing's four offices, call our main office at (650)348-6660.

We will make an appointment with one of our housing coordinators to take your application. You will need to bring photo identification, the names and phone numbers of three people who will act as a reference for you, and some written verification of your income.

Home Sharing Services Include:

  • Home visits to seniors and persons with disabilities

  • Personal housing coordinators

  • Bilingual services in all offices

  • Facilitation of Living Together Agreement between housemates

  • Home sharing arrangements to provide services in lieu of rent

  • Linkage to alternate community resources Community Resource Lists

            Program Facts

    HIP Housing serves over 1,600 people and facilitates home sharing arrangements for over 300 people each year.

    HIP Housing is the only resource for home sharing in San Mateo County.

    HIP Housing is one of the largest providers of shared-housing in the nation.

    There are over 100 Home Sharing Programs in the United States and abroad.
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